The 2019 Planner Hunt

It's almost 2019 and maybe some of you have yet to decide which planner you will get. Maybe I can help for the last-minute shopping. ­čÖé Since October I've been keeping an eye on interesting planners online or in stores and collected them into what I call my #2019PlannerHunt - a collection of all the… Continue reading The 2019 Planner Hunt


A Year in the Department of Fun

The ninth of February now has a special place in our hearts. Dona and I just celebrated our first work anniversary! *cue fireworks* Having this job is the major transition I entered last year. It was also my biggest highlight as it paved the way for better things. It also showcased God's faithfulness and I'm… Continue reading A Year in the Department of Fun

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A Faithful 2016

I've been pooling my thoughts about this since November. I was so sure then that it wasn't a good year. 2016 has been bittersweet.┬áTears were shed and the reasons are mostly beyond me. But as I went through my journal, my planner, my Instagram, etc., I realized that there was so much to be thankful… Continue reading A Faithful 2016

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Your Guide to the Manila International Book Fair 2016

One of my most anticipated events of the year has finally arrived - the Manila International Book Fair! *cheers* For me, it's a tradition to attend the largest and oldest book fair in the country which is now in its 37th year. I've been attending for five years now and it has always been a… Continue reading Your Guide to the Manila International Book Fair 2016


PiliPinas 2016: The WHAT Behind WHO I’m Voting For

In two days, we are set to hire national and local leaders into seats of power which will greatly impact the course of our nation for the next six years. Opinions have been voiced out. News articles have been published. Debates have been held. Mudslinging and black propaganda have been thrown. Relationships have been tested.… Continue reading PiliPinas 2016: The WHAT Behind WHO I’m Voting For

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2015: The Last Goodbye

It's already 2016! But I'm still pumped with nostalgia and gratefulness of the year that has passed. Thank you for your understanding for I wasn't able to post this during the time I promised. Two days weren't enough apparently. We'll know if I really learned my lesson once I do my 2016 review. After careful… Continue reading 2015: The Last Goodbye


How to Get Away with 2015

Has anyone asked you how your year went? Oftentimes, you would answer them with just a word. But the words "good," "okay" or "fun" cannot summarize the 365 days we've faced. This is why I'm sharing with you the year-end review. I believe that you've seen it in one form or another. Most bloggers prepare… Continue reading How to Get Away with 2015